Monday, December 19, 2011

too much

I can't believe that Christmas vacation is starting and I'm already THIS exhausted.  I hate to beat the same old drum, but something has got to give.  While the week and weekend brought much joy (like catching up with my Uncle John who I haven't seen in ten years, spending time with Riley's class on Friday,  Logan and Riley's trip to the salon and Santa's awesome visit to Grammy and Jim's Christmas party), Riley eventually paid the price for our late night and running around at her meet on Sunday. 

Lesson learned.  There's too much going on for us to feel so tired - whether one of us is on top of the beam, watching from the stands, attempting to follow a Christmas cookie recipe, accidentally printing out ten copies of the same BINGO page for a school party or sitting up with insomnia all night Saturday worrying about the unknown location of a brand new camera.  And of course, a migraine began yesterday by noon and is still in full storm.  Much apologies go out today as I recap the last few days.

To our daughter, we're sorry we didn't get you home in time to get a decent night's sleep before your meet.

To the 2nd graders, I apologize for the most boring BINGO game of all time!

To anyone who eats my Christmas cut-outs, they may not be quite up to par.

Ugh, this is one boring post.  That's enough!  This week looks better - this week will be better!!  I've got little work, I'm mostly wrapped and ready.  All I've got left is family time, the remainder of my cards to get out and my all-time stress-reducing love, cooking.  I can handle it!

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