Thursday, December 1, 2011


This week is total bust.  What started out with a whole day spent searching for hair ribbons for the gymnastics team at five different stores on Monday, continued with helping a good pal with surgery all day on Tuesday, went on with Finn's horrible case of molluscom contagiosum (yes, we are living in a Harry Potter movie) needing extensive treatment yesterday and me starting a preventative migraine medicine after fighting it for decades, has now culminated in Finn unable to move from the horrible pain of the blisters all over his poor, tiny body and me having an adverse reaction to the new med.  "Hey Rocky," Mike said to me this morning.  One eye is totally swollen and the other doesn't look so hot either. 

I am a totally deadline-driven person and can't stand to miss one.  But with two articles due tomorrow and four videos that were supposed to be shot today, I think it's time to throw in the towel.  No one wants to watch Puffy Eye talk about making holiday appetizers or decor.  I am waving the white flag on this ridiculous week, getting under the covers with my little man and waiting it all out.  Instead of filling my day with what I could be doing, I will fill it with what I need to do - nothing. 

Tomorrow is a new day!  Oh please let tomorrow be a new day.

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