Friday, December 23, 2011

finn's on fire

The Finnism's have been flying as of late; he cracks me up every day.  He surprises himself, too.  A couple of days ago, while at the mall, he began reading the words on every sign we passed.  With each word, the shock and awe of his own ability grew.  It was hilarious.  "Super Sale!" he'd exclaim.  "As Seen on TV!" he'd yell.  "Panera Bread!"  Logan and I witnessed the whole world opening up to Finn right then and there, when he figured out that he could read absolutely anything. 


He made a pit stop in the Panera bathroom.  Gone are the days of accompanying me into the gals' room - he's on his own in the mens'.  As he ran off toward the bathroom, I yelled, "Just keep your coat on!" 

A few minutes later, he emerged, coat in hand.  "I had to take it off," he explained. 

"It's okay, but where did you put it?" I responded, imagining bathroom floor germs crawling all over it.

"Well," he continued, "I held it like this.  Then I pulled my shirt up like this and my pants down like this," he demonstrated.  In Panera.  Thank goodness the nearby diners appreciated his five year old streak!  There were more than a few chuckles as I struggled to keep him covered and get his pants pulled back up.


Yesterday, when Grandpa stopped by, he asked him about reading.  "Where did you learn to read like that?" he asked.

"At the mall," Finn said matter-of-factly.


And finally, while sitting on my lap the other night, Finn wiggled all around.  I was on the verge of telling him to sit still or find another spot when he said, "Sorry Mom, I had to stretch out.  Sometimes my wiener gets stuck to my leg."

And that's life with Finn.

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