Thursday, June 23, 2011

our natural

Yes, there have been many amazing parenting moments that have whirred past me during the last nearly 10 years. The arrival of much anticipated bundles of joy, us never once knowing their genders, can never ever be topped. But something strange and untraveled is occurring this summer of 2011, and it most definitely makes the highlight role.

The arrival of baseball in our lives has added a whole new dimension to our existence. No longer does he flop and sprawl on bleachers, creating cars from paper cups and dust bunnies just waiting for his sisters to finally finish whatever it is that they're doing. Gone are the one-sided days of Finn cheering on Logan and Riley from the sidelines. Nope, the times, they have changed.

Now, our little man frets over rain cancellations and strike outs. He learns new rules unimaginable to him just days ago. He makes friends in the outfield while scrambling after a wayward throw. He, and every one of his teammates, hits the ball, forgets to run, forgets to drop the bat and stops to remove the batting helmet - every single time - while parents and coaches happily shout reminders from beyond. He has one hand in glove and one in his pocket, while he chews his over-sized gum. And our baseball player loves every minute.

We have never been so amused. Look for the Flying Squirrels in a town near you!!

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