Sunday, May 8, 2011


At the age of nine, I would have never dreamed of auditioning for anything, much less for a solo singing part in the school musical. I am so proud of Logan for throwing caution to the wind, trying out this spring and snagging a part in this year's Third Grade Musical.

The kids were all so amazing, fearless, supportive of each other and excited about their performances alone and as a group. It was a perfectly-timed show that kept the crowd interested; even the youngest audience members. We had a great turnout, with Granddad and Grandmom here for the weekend, Nana and Tony, Grammy and Uncle Jim, Uncle Tom, Aunt Michelle and Ellie all up front and present to watch Logan's big moment. As I looked around, I thought how touching it had to be for Logan to know that her family just plain shows up, time and time again. I am thrilled that she will not know it any other way and will always look out to see a plethora of smiling, supportive faces in the crowd facing her. Gratitude beyond words to all that came in support of her big solo debut and have made this kind of family life the reality for our children!

Oh, and her lines weren't too shabby either.... she sang them beautifully!

"It's my own voice
It's my own choice
To do my best!"

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