Wednesday, January 19, 2011

it's a good thing

I've been driving the girls to school lately in lieu of having them bus it; it's much easier to get Finn out the door if he's forced to do it with them. After we drop them off, we shoot straight over to his school. The five minutes we spend waiting in line before the school doors open for the girls are some of my favorite moments of the day.

For whatever reason, it seems big topics surface right before the girls jump out, usually leaving me deep in thought for the ride to Finn's school. We've discussed cheaters (due to the parents who INSIST on cutting in line and not following the school traffic rules), bad people (the cheaters are not really bad people, I explain), issues with friends and once had an in depth discussion about God, right there in the line.

But my favorite had to be when the girls were talking about their daily walk inside the building, beyond the arms of my Honda Odyssey or the mommy bubble I try to keep them in. They discussed their ritual of chatting and then staying "goodbye" at the stairwell where Logan ascends to big kid world and Riley hangs a right to the first grade corridor.

And Riley said matter-of-fact-ly, "And then we hug and go to school."

I was shocked. Don't get me wrong they are great sisters, but they're competitive, too. They can argue and wrestle like professional lawyers, and well, wrestlers! "You guys give each other a hug?"

"Yes!" they both answered like I was ridiculous.

"Every day?" I asked.

"Yes!" they giggled.

I know it won't last forever, but I was bubbling over with the most happiness a person could hold at that moment. The idea of my two little gals hugging in the busy school hallway, if only for a moment and then confidently going out in to their worlds, knowing someone there loved them and had their back, was almost too much to bear.

In that one moment, I knew Mike and I must be doing something right. Now that's a day-maker!

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Grammy said...

"A Day Breaker" for anyone who read this entry. I got an immediate visual and was swept away by the rest of your words. Tears in my eyes... Sweeter sisters, I have never known - I love them both so much... and yes, you and Mike are wonderful parents - your childrwen are blessed.