Monday, January 31, 2011

happy 7th birthday riley!!

We should have known what we were in for when our second gal popped out into the world with broad shoulders, a crazy shock of black hair and almost instantly telling us her name. "Riley" wasn't even in our top three, but Mike and I took one look at her, looked at each other and said, "She's Riley!" She knew who she was the wondrous day of her arrival, seven years ago today.

This girl of ours takes the world in in a quiet way, not talking too much about her observations unless necessary. Her feelings and opinions come out in unassuming but profound ways, like when she described Logan's sadness about moving perfectly to us adults when she was only three years old. It has always been that way, as if Riley has a keen understanding of the world around her and the ability to not sweat the small stuff. Too often, I rely on her to be the one that goes up to grab something for me or helps me out - I've got to remember not to abuse her always agreeable nature!

Riley didn't surprise me at all when she blew school out of the water, missing only the spelling of the word "fin" on all her tests and quizzes in any subject this year. Her teacher just loves her and even said that if she were just thirty years older, she want her as a best friend. She's so easygoing and dependable, like her Daddy, she's just refreshing to have around.

And then there's this athlete inside of her, ready to come out at any turn. Her little six (now seven) year old bod atop the high balance beam with ability and confidence I could only dream of. Her Daddy and I sit and watch, fingers crossed and breath held, refusing bathroom trips and siblings' questions until her performance is over. What a ride this gymnastics thing has already been!

My love is endless for this sweet-natured, old soul who showed me that my heart could grow to unimaginable sizes when she arrived. My wishes for her are just and boundless, with a long life of health and happiness leading the charge.

Happy 7th birthday Riley!

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