Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finn's FOUR

Our little buccaneer turned four this Saturday with a pirate-themed party and Spiderman running through his veins. It was an over sized event, more than 30 friends and family attended and another fifteen neighbor friends joined in the evening. The kids had a blast!

Finn is serious and funny and risky. He is super cuddly and loving in a way that only a boy could be. He can play cars forever and has a whole super friends dialogue going on with his "guys" at all times. He loves his good buddy, Blair. He talks like he's ten, but makes most behavior-related decisions like he's four. When he grows up, he plans to be Darth Vader and live where it's sunny all the time. His favorite sport is football (Mike's chest puffs up) and he LOVES Jesse.

I've said it before, but having a boy is truly unique. I was so blessed those four years ago.

I said, "I think it's a girl."

Mike said, "I think it's a boy."

The doctor said, "IT'S A BOY!!"

And Mike says he's never right!


Grammy said...

Happy birthday to Finn! What a GREAT/FUN party for an EXCEPTIONAL four year old.

Finn touches your heart with his sweet nature, makes you smile with his well thought out words and ideas and wins you over completely with his big blue eyes. He's smart and fun and just wonderful!!!

So glad you decided to increase the size of your family. So glad Mike was right and that person turned out to be Finn.

(love the photo of Finn and WoWo... Love it!!!)


Grammy said...
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