Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time to Make the Corn

We had botched plans last night when a babysitter forgot about her gig and Mike and I scrambled so both of us could attend a meeting about Riley's move to team gymnastics. (Read: date night turned into cereal for dinner.)

When we finally got home and picked up the kids from our neighbor Jennie's house (I mean, "savior" Jennie), it was nine o'clock and way late for bedtime on a school night. I was yelling like a wild woman to get these three kids in bed and asleep so we could sit down and digest the amount of money requried for Riley's new endeavor.

I yelled Finn's name several times and he finally flew around the corner of Riley's doorway, where he was looking out her window onto a huge cornfeild to the side of our house. He said with all the excitement his little bod could muster," Mommy, I heard you but Daddy was showing me that farmer on his tractor and he is out there making corn RIGHT NOW!!" It was his hand motions, the inflections of his voice and the speed of his words that got me. I would have let him stay up all night so we could sit around imagining the sight of the farmer "making" corn right now.

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mary said...

Little ones are truly awesome - aren't they? They can say anything and end up endearing themselves. Innocence and choice of words and sweet little voices and faces and seeing the world almost daily - as if it were the first time. Even more amazing, is that they somehow manage to put the importance of things back in perspective, allow you to remember how wonderful everything is all over again, to. How lucky we are to have Finn.