Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is wrong with people?

I am sitting in traffic in the city, well, south of the city, just leaving an appointment at the University of Chicago. All of a sudden this older gentlemen quickly approaches my window and knocks on it loudly. He delivers the following monologue, angrily screaming:

“I could not tell if you were black or white, but I came anyway. I ran out of gas and this %^&#$ joker won’t hold my license while I get some money. I work for Ford Motor Company and my name is #(*&#*&. Come with me now and buy me some gas. I can take your name and address and mail the money back to you if you want.”

First, I HATE any reference to racial prejudice, so he lost me instantly with his opening remark. Second, he was angry and yelling at me. Third, I was totally taken off guard and honestly, kind of scared. And finally, I would never consider handing over my name and address to some random angry guy in the city. I would likely help someone out who was in need if I had the cash. But this debit card queen didn’t and anyway, he really had no shot. Didn’t anyone ever teach this dude that you catch more flies with honey?

I said, “I’m sorry, I don’t have cash right now and I can’t come with you – I have to get home to my kids.”

Then he f-bombed me.

All this happened while I was talking to Mike on the phone. He was like, “Who’s that? What’s going on?”

This guy must be part of the contingency of folks that honk when I’m not off the block fast enough, or who shake their heads at me when my kids fuss in line, or who ride the back of my van when I’m already over the speed limit.

Seriously, what is wrong with people?

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mary said...

What! What? That was scary... I'm glad you didn't roll down your window - who knows how it may have ended.

Does serve as a reminder to go over the Stranger Danger lessons with kids (do they still call it that?).

Some people are not who they appear to be and you were lucky that he was JUST A JERK.