Tuesday, January 13, 2009


As the New Year finally sinks in, I have really tried to sort through what I’d like to work on around here. This is not the top priority – the month is so busy with pre-birthday prep for the little gals that I try not to really think about all I have to do with school treats, kid parties, family parties and the insanity which drove me to volunteer to organize the Valentines Day party and Logan’s Brownie troop’s cookie sales. Even in the midst of a more chaotic time than Christmas, I’ve got some things figured out. Here’s my “realistic” list:

1. Kiss Mike every single day when he walks in from work. This is difficult because there is no more hated time of day for me. I won’t be looking good with beautiful hair, non-mom clothes or make-up, but dammit, he’ll get a smile and a kiss.

2. Follow the advice I try to give my children: be kind, speak nicely to each other, say “sorry” when you’re wrong, say “no” if you don’t want to and don’t say bad words. I can use some help remembering, too!

3. Attend a writer’s workshop. I am beyond excited about a three-day overnight summer session at Northwestern that I hope to attend.

4. Test the waters when it comes to writing. I have stayed only in the comfort zone long enough. It’s time to try something new.

5. Have date night. For real. Don’t just talk about how we need to do it.

6. Institute weekly family game night.

7. Get to the gym more than my regular “once a week” schedule.

8. Keep the office CLEAN.

I guess I’ll leave it there. I think it’s better to hover in the realm of possibility.

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mary said...

Your list has all "top priority" things... do them and the rest of the "busy stuff", will just fall into place.

I love the New Year and the inspiration it gives us to refocus on what is truly important in our life.

Thanks for the nudge to make my own list.