Friday, January 16, 2009

Finn's Latest Discovery

Finn. He is changing for sure. He’s taken with adding the word “cars” to any noun as an adjective (Cars bed, Cars toilet, Cars chair, Cars pants – anything he has, needs or wants must exist in Disney Pixar’s Cars form.) Mike says he’s like Bubba, Forrest Gump’s buddy from the same-named movie who has perfect knowledge of everything “shrimp”.

While on the potty yesterday he ran through his current Cars assignments and then began what has become an extreme curiosity with a newfound body part, his scrotum. Straining in his position to make this new discovery completely visible and reachable, he mumbled to himself, “What’s this? This is mine?” and finally, “Mommy what is this thing?”

“Well, that’s your scrotum,” I answered matter-of-factly.

“My scrotum?” he confirmed.

“Yes.” I answered, chuckling.

“But what is it?” He probed further.

“It kind of goes with your penis,” I choked. “Boys have them both.”

So the chant began. “Pin has a penis. Pin has a scrotum. Daddy has a scrotum. Logan does not have a scrotum; Riley does not have a scrotum. Mommy, you do not have a scrotum?”

“No, Finn, Mommy does not have a scrotum.”

He considered this for a moment and then, cocking his head to the side and shaking it as if to affirm his need for the following, he innocently asked, “Mommy, you will let me see that you don’t have a scrotum?”

“Ummm, nope Finn. You’ll just have to take my word for it,” I barely stuttered from my perch on the powder room floor.

As we seemingly leave some of the terrible two’s in the dust, we move into new worlds, with many treasures yet to be uncovered. Yes, there are intriguing items around every corner. Just before this conversation, I realized Finn was missing and feared that he was near a toilet somewhere, alone. As I ran up the stairs, he surfaced from my bathroom, wringing his hands and saying, “Mommy, I was just pixing that for you. Can you pix that now?”

I rounded the corner to find a completely disassembled box of tampons, all over the floor. Wrappers opened, pieces torn apart, some floating in the toilet or decorating the bathtub; no part of this experiment was left to the imagination.

How interesting his world must be!

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