Saturday, January 31, 2009


For thirteen days Riley has woken up and happily learned that it was one less day until her actual birthday. I suppose this is the way it goes when your older sister’s is thirteen days before yours… she just needed to know that it really was getting closer. And so it came, today my girlie turns FIVE!

Full of spunk and spirit, this rocker with a mean groove has been noted by the adults in her life and quiet and pensive, even stoic. She’s super intuitive and artistic and tactile. She knows the words to every kid song ever written. I am serious about this, without really reading yet, this child knows EVERY word to all Hannah, Miley, HSM, Jonas Brothers, Camp Rock and Kidz Bop songs ever written. To match her lyrical stockpile, she can watch almost any video and copy the dance moves instantly. She’s really good and it’s hilarious.

I’m sure this will change as soon as I type it, but Riley gets the easy award this month. She’s so even keel and low maintenance. I couldn’t appreciate it more. She seems to genuinely want to make things easier for me right now, which is not the case for her siblings. I have to remind myself to give her the stage, because even with her rocker girl personality, she doesn’t demand much and will happily entertain herself.

She has current big plans to first go the Olympics in gymnastics and then become a rock star. I’ve no doubt she will – she’s a spark plug at the gym and she undeniably rocks!

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mary said...

I have no doubt that Riley's talent comes straight from God. She is a wonderful energizer to my day, a cause for my smiles and laughs. She is genuinely a special person who already, at age 5, illuminates my world and anyone else who happens upon her. Lovin' her is a given, enjoying her is easy, knowing her is a blessing... and believing she is already 5 is nearly impossible.