Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lights at Night

My only regret about last night is that Finn was already asleep when all the magic happened. I can imagine how much he would have loved what Mike, the girls and I experienced just outside in our yard.

In 36 years, I haven’t really seen anything like it: millions and millions of lightening bugs right in our back yard. We back up to trees and brush with corn fields off to one side and it was as if billions of tiny yellow diamonds twinkled in the night right before us. I never knew that there could be so many little neon beings in one place and the girls were just as awestruck. The kids grabbed their bug box and headed out into the darkness with a couple of neighbors. They ran and twirled and jumped and climbed, in order to catch the little guys, literally screaming with excitement at every turn.

It was the essence of childhood, right in front of us. I loved every minute soaking it all in and almost couldn’t bear for it to end. In my heart of hearts, I hope that Logan and Riley remember last night for the rest of their lives. Or maybe it will be like this every summer, with those amazing little twinkles bidding us goodnight each balmy evening. What a cool way to end your day; grateful for the reminder of the tiny space you take up in this big, enchanted world we live in. Part of me believes that it may never be as truly fascinating as last night’s first discovery of the magic beyond our walls, but it will still be pretty spell-binding.

Really, you have to come and see it to believe it.


Lael said...

What a delight - and surprise to find us neighbors.

Hope you don't mind me knocking...

mary said...

All of a sudden, in the midst of an ordinary evening, a "wonder of the world" appears and right in your own back yard! Twinkling little fireflies filling the fields and fluttering into Logan, Riley and Finn's tiny hands. Awesome! I plan to stay late one night soon and catch the show. Not often in today's world that you get to catch a moment that will last forever.