Thursday, June 19, 2008

Autumn in June

The number one thing on my mind when we moved into our new house last summer was planting trees. I am an old house, old neighborhood lover through and through and just couldn't imagine living in the shadeless surroundings of a new subdivision for too long. So we gratefully accepted two trees last fall for housewarming gifts and were thrilled to get them in the ground.

Spring began with the slow realization that our crimson frost birch was not going to make it; the 18 foot tall, beautifully shaped specimen which was planted so late that it had no leaves when we bought it, returned with leaves covering only the bottom third. The garden center where we purchased it replaced it with a very healthy, 12 foot tall river birch with an even prettier shape and we're anxious to watch it grow in our backyard.

The other tree we planted last fall was an autumn blaze maple and by all accounts it couldn't have looked any healthier this spring. Bright green leaves filled every part of each branch and we already noticed growth in just the first year. As soon as that new birch was replaced, I started to notice color on the maple's leaves. And although this picture does not do it justice, our autumn blaze maple is now in full blaze - looking gorgeous, but quite misplaced in the month of June.

As much as I hated to do it, I called the garden guy and asked why this was happening. After making some calls, his answer stinks. It is most likely slowly dying, either due to over watering or being planted in clay (which is what we're sitting on here.) I doubt it's over watering, I've only watered three times this spring. It must be the clay, the water that has nowhere to drain is just rotting the roots. There's nothing we can do.

It's killing me to look out each morning and watch as this big, gorgeous tree gets more and more autumnal-looking. I can't stand that it is slowly meeting it's demise and that I am helpless to save it. The garden guy says there's a chance it may persevere, and I so hope it does. I guess this a probably a good lesson in letting go and not having control of everything. For now, I suppose we'll just celebrate all its beautiful fall foliage and blazin' color.

Fall is my favorite season anyway.

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mary said...

I hope it makes it... It is truly a beauty!