Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Day in Review

  1. Wake up at 5 am, write a little, prepare for afternoon phone interview, and pay bills.
  2. Easily fly through morning routine, the second-to-last this year!
  3. Repeatedly pull Finn away from new race cars and train set to try and make him eat, much to his dismay.
  4. Drop Logan at school and go to Target for summer pool supplies. Finn screams “Pool now!” at the top of his lungs for twenty minutes.
  5. Realize Target is out of chocolate chips and I have to go somewhere else. Walk into grocery store with raspberry dum-dum lollipop dangling from my hair, holding and orangutan named Finn. Need two items for Kindergarten Tea cookies tomorrow.
  6. While driving home, realize being a parent of a two year old boy borders on torture at times.
  7. Get home to find it has stormed into all open windows. Dry all window sills.
  8. Have two 4 year old girls over to play, watch as they destroy my house in a matter of minutes.
  9. Fix Finn’s invisible owie four times.
  10. Wash all bedding in the house and get it back on the beds (now that’s a feat!)
  11. Clean office – the mountain of unfiled paperwork was finally intruding on mouse space – I had no choice.
  12. Rejoice in a new Chicago Parent project received!
  13. Plan for this weekend’s much anticipated house guests – our good friends the Koski’s from Iowa.
  14. Make cookies for Kindergarten Tea.
  15. Give three baths at 1 pm during massive thunderstorm, exit bathroom to find that the sun is back out and watch as the muddy water splatters up my kids’ backs as they ride their bikes through it.
  16. Search for my children who forget to let me know where they are going, twice in a row – with Finn, who is wearing T-Rex PJ’s and frog boots.
  17. Plant salvaged pachysandra from Mike’s mom’s garden.
  18. Make and serve dinner, while simultaneously creating a list of house rules with the kids for the summer. I remember laughing when I saw something like this on a friend’s fridge awhile back. Now I know it is more than necessary.
  19. Get everyone to bed.
  20. Check email again, watch Hell’s Kitchen (how relaxing!) Fall asleep on couch at 9:30.
  21. Wake at 11:00, turn off lights, start dishwasher. Decide it’s time to do a mini-pedicure. Quickly fall asleep again.
  22. Wake at 12:30 and 1:30 for Riley’s nightmares – I knew she’d have them after seeing a scary guy on Wizards of Waverly Place.
  23. Give in and let Riley sleep with us.

All in a day’s work, I guess. And I didn’t include most of the everyday stuff. No wonder I’m so tired this morning, just like all of us mom’s out there!

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mary said...

Yikes! I forgot what it was like (all those years ago) and I didn't have responsibilities outside of my family and home.

Mothers are working, walking, talking, loving MIRACLES - for sure.