Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Logan's Post on Finn

Logan has been wanting to do her own blog post and began rehearsing this last night. It was so cute, we had to get it up here. From her mouth to my fingers to your eyes... here goes!

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Finn. He was so cute and had a head full of golden hockey hair. He was very sleepy that night. And I sung him a song because his eyes were falling. He was very tired. This is the song I sang, "Lullaby, lullaby, go to sleep baby Finn. When the cradle, when the cradle goes down it will fall in your arms and I will hold you gently and I will swing you until my arms get so tired. And I will sing you to bed. Cradle, cradle and all."

When he had a fun time with me, we had a great time together. I love being with my baby brother Finn. He is so nice to me. He just learned how to call me "GO GO". He loves me and that's the end.


Mary said...

Logan - I think you are a wonderful writer (it seems to run in the family) and more importantly, a wonderful big sister. It is easy to understand why Finn smiles so when he sees you.

Your story was the best - I could picture you and Finn together and the song had such sweet words - I could almost hear you singing.

Congratulations on your first blog post.

I love you. Grammy

n8 said...

aw...a budding writer. tiffany