Wednesday, January 18, 2012

really? ten?

It's truly unimaginable to me that TEN whole years ago Mike and I brought Logan Olivia into this world and began this wonderful and wild parenting odyssey!  In what really does seem like the blink of my eyes, Logan has grown into such a beautiful young lady, with great manners, amazing creativity and such a wonderful sweetness about her.  She's silly and giving and loving and honest - so many things I could have only hoped for my first daughter all those ten years ago.

This birthday seems like such a big birthday.  Ten is closer to college than birth!  (You may have just heard the deep breath I forced myself to take.)  As a writer, especially as a writer that so frequently captures the daily ins and outs of our family life, I feel I'm especially sensitive to time and how fast it's actually slipping by.  Even with that sensitivity, Logan's 10th birthday comes as a complete shock.  As I climbed the ladder of her loft bed to wake her this morning, I just couldn't believe my baby girl was 10. 

It's that simple.  Not that she's 10.  That she's my baby.

Happy birthday to my baby.  My very first one.  May your every wish come true.

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Grammy said...

Absolutely beautifully written and yes, Logan is absolutely beautiful inside and out - just like her mom.

May Logan's wishes come true, every single one. I love you both with all my heart.