Tuesday, January 31, 2012

eight years old!

Today marks the last of our family's many January birthdays, with Riley turning eight years old!  Sometimes this little gal, who continues to maintain her "old soul" status, seems older than eight and THANKFULLY, sometimes she seems younger, too.  Either way, I'm confident that she's right where she's supposed to be.

Riley's ultimate love is still gymnastics, but she's latched onto Zumba as well, as one of her coaches is an instructor.  Not only is she flipping and upside-down most of the day, but she is demonstrating her funky dance moves all over the place.  She lives for the attention of an audience.  She's started taking piano as well and is loving every minute of it.  She knows the names of bands that I can't even pretend to, and she has every lyric of every song completely memorized.  (This is not always a good thing!)  Anytime you want to goof around and dance or sing, Riley's your gal.  Actually, she's usually game for anything!

Riley loves school, has lots of pals and has fun wherever she goes. She has a grasp of things I couldn't imagine to at her young age, and I'm not just talking about the bars.  She tells me that she goes to bed the night before a meet visualizing what she wants her routines to look like.  She already knows the power of her own will and is starting to realize how to put it into action.  Just like Glinda the good witch says to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, "You always had the power..."; we've tried to deliver the same message to our kiddos.  Riley has gotten the message.

Riley is a great sister; the perfect middle child.  She doesn't often get caught up in drama and shakes things off easily.  She's more comfortable moving on than dwelling in anything and I love that for her!  Of course, the envelope-pushing that peeked in around this age for Logan has reared its head with Riley, too.  She's a champion foot-stomper and like me, she can emit a hefty, telling sigh.  But she quickly gets over the things that don't matter and for that, I'm glad.

I have so many wishes for this wonderful girl who brightened our world in unimaginable ways just eight years ago today at 9:05 AM.  After 24 hours of labor and 21/2 hours of pushing, I was barely afloat, but when Riley arrived, I would have gladly done it all again for her.  She is beautiful and creative and loving and giving, and intense and smart and driven and STRONG.  I love watching her make all her dreams come true.  Every good thing will come her way, this year and beyond!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Riley girl.  I love you!

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