Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my best cooking tip

It takes a few moments for your brain to process the fact that you're on fire. I think this is the scariest thing about what happened to me at dinner tonight; imagining how much worse it could have been and feeling so unbearably grateful that I didn't have to process that.

I was cooking dinner with a dressy scarf tied around my neck - it had been there all day. Mike walked in and we were talking while I was cooking, facing away from him. All of a sudden, I noticed sparks flying up in the air. It seemed like forever until my eyes found the source: the scarf that was currently TIED around my neck!

I quickly headed for the sink while trying to quell the flames with my hands, but I was flailing and scared. I tried to pull it off, but I couldn't get it loose. I tried to lean into the sink and get my neck under the faucet, but my 5 foot stature would not allow me the leeway needed to get it under. I finally screamed, "Help me!" and Mike, who was just a few feet away, patted it out with his hands and then quickly untied it.

Being the non-crier that I am, I even shocked myself when I burst into tears. A moment later, Mike and I were laughing hysterically - it's amazing how many emotions a person can feel within the span of ten seconds. I'm pretty sure I covered them all!

Anyway, take my advice all you scarf-wearing fashionistas. Don't cook with your accessory on - it can really mess you up!

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