Friday, December 17, 2010

pineapple classic

This week marked a first for us, a first of something I doubt we ever thought we'd do. We took Riley out of school for a gymnastics meet at the age of SIX! Some years, in order to serve all the gymnasts in the state of Illinois, meets must be scheduled on weekdays. We woke at 4:30 AM, shipped Logan off to a super helpful and understanding neighbor's home so she wouldn't miss the last day before Christmas break and headed north to Schaumburg with a two-days post antibiotics strep-recovering Riley.

While it wasn't her best meet, it was a good one. She placed 6th on vault, 8th on floor and 12th all around. The medals around her neck at the meet's end were quite impressive!

As soon as we arrived home, she broke out in hives, which continued throughout the weekend. Apparently, her strep was made of a super strong bacteria that was fighting through the meds every time she was due to have them. All we want is for her to have fun and try her best, and she continues to do that, strep and all!

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Grammy said...

Riley is a trooper and so much more. She always places first with me.

(Never even knew you needed help with Logan that day - call me next time - I'm just a dial away.)