Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yesterday I worked like a dog. I worked like a dog; writing four articles and doing and hour of website work, all inside the three and half hours Finn was away at school, so that I could "play hookie" today. You see, my birthday is tomorrow and Finn doesn't have school on Fridays. My productivity soared under the goal of a few unencumbered moments alone this morning.

It's funny how our ideas of "me time" pare themselves down from year to year, until finally, they land at what I did today. I spent almost two blissful hours alone, un-showered, at the grocery store. I had the biggest bill I've had in months, even after saying "no" to my devilish side's urging to buy Ben and Jerry's Key Lime Pie ice cream (it's a limited edition, you know) and sharp cheddar cheese with Carr's whole wheat wafers (it's a combo you must try.) I did accomplish the first Christmas present purchase, a big ticket item on sale, a bonus.

By the time I arrived home and unpacked, I had an hour and twenty minutes left before pick up. I managed a 45 minute workout DVD (currently on day 5 of Turbo Fire by Beachbody) and a really fast shower. My face was still beet red when I pulled up in Finn's carpool line. And although my morning alone and not working was not so exciting, I must admit, it was fully satisfying.

I guess the lesson is to remember that the most simple things can recharge and refresh us, so we should find ways to take advantage of them more often. I'm sure that I've been a better Molly all day today.

My last day at 38. I'll miss you '38'!

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n8 said...

I am waiting for you over at 39. Hurry up! Tiffany