Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Something about a boy...

In two weeks, my youngest child will be FOUR! This is nuts. It seems I've had a baby forever. Those baby days are disappearing in the rear view mirror as we speed ahead and other than his current problem with "girly whining", my little guy is all boy.

Today was a half day and the girls shut themselves in Riley's room for an American Girl play session. I heard Finn banging at the door and heard the girls spouting off excuses for not letting him in. They almost never exclude him, so I figured they needed some girl time and ushered Finn off to help me with "something".

A little while later, I heard him banging on the door again. Heard him crying. Heard him saying something about a bloody nose. He didn't have one, but he had a runny one, which he was trying to fix with a tissue.

I helped him clean up as he told me that Riley had informed him he had boogers and would not be allowed to play American Girl with them because he was gross. I assured him he was not gross and he disappeared.

A moment later I heard him at their door again. This time he was saying, "It's me again guys! Let me in - Mom cleaned me up!"

There's something about a boy. It's all so black and white, you know? "My boogers are gone, so now I will be accepted." There's no worrying about having boogers, what people think about your boogers, whether or not you're getting a cold or wondering if you look weird with your boogers. There are certainly no hurt feelings in relation to boogers.
Boogers = can't play, no boogers=can play. Oh, the simplicity!

I love my boy!


mary said...

Agree totally! The minds of little boys (and men)... generally avoid the drama of life when possible...

I love your boy too!!!

mary said...
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