Sunday, April 25, 2010

She Won!

Meet number two and another First Place trophy for our little gymnast. Riley did great and had her game face on as usual. (I wonder where this game face came from - must be Mike.) She's cool as a cucumber on the outside.

Looking forward to more fun at our Flippin' Fiesta meet next weekend! Congratulations RILEY and the whole amazing GIJO Level 3 Team!!

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lauren said...

Riley! Congrats darlin'! I think you just might have to live with us one day here in Colorado Springs, when you're training at the Olympic Training Center! Ask your mommy who Nadia Comaniche(sp) was. I had a Siberian hamster in college named after her. Unfortunately, the hamster was quite mean, but the real Nadia was very successful at gymnastics. Great job, hon!