Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Last night while waiting for Riley at gymnastics, Logan came up to me and asked me to pull her tooth out, said it was twisted all the way around and she couldn't get it. So I did - right then and there.

You see, for every single tooth that Logan has lost, other than the first, this has been the game plan. She doesn't like to pull the trigger on that final pluck, so I get in there and do it for her. It all started because they would get so loose and literally be blowing around her mouth with each breath. I was too scared to let her go to sleep for fear she'd choke.

I think the mom next to me at the gym was horrified, but it works for us.

I was glad to have her lose the tooth, it has been a long time coming. But I immediately felt the dread of what might be asked of me in the wee hours. You see, Logan is far too analytical and inquisitive to just put her tooth under her pillow or ask Santa for a toy. No, this child writes the tooth fairy a letter, with lists of very mature questions and requests frameable images from the big man. Her antics have resulted in much running around and massive amounts of time spent with photo software.

These aren't easy questions, either. They involve things like what happens to all the teeth the tooth fairy collects. Once she received that ridiculously contrived answer, she had many more. Last night, the tooth fairy was asked to produce a picture of the leather bag she collects all kids' teeth in. (In case you didn't know, she waits until it's full and then scatters them across the sky to twinkle with the stars.) Going with this was a late night decision made last year after an hour of research online - still makes me cringe!

Anyway, I have no idea how things got so complicated. There was no image readily available of the leather bag last night, so I bunted and hope it won't come up again. She was thrilled with the letter she received and the $1 bill. I was thrilled it was so windy that she slept with Riley in her room and left her tooth in her own.

I know our believing days are on the downturn - there are too many kids on this block and in school ready to ruin it all. So for now, I'll keep on running around like a nut to find Rudolph's actual sleigh bell or a photo of him - real photo - with the red nose to boot. If anyone has one, give me a call!

The tooth fairy gave Logan a bit of good advice to bring us through the next phase of things. It said, "Just believe in the magic of it all and the things you want to know will be right inside your mind." She didn't seem disappointed - maybe it will work!

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mary said...

Beautifully said and a life lesson for her (all of us) as well. "Just believe in the magic of it all and the things you want to see will be right inside your mind."

I'll try to find Rudolph's actual sleigh bell or a photo of him - with the red nose. Love, Mom