Thursday, July 10, 2008


Each summer, I fill an old wine barrel full of flowers in my backyard. Our Florida one finally bit the dust while we lived in our first home and the current version is still holding up two houses later. Every Mother’s Day, I purchase the same colorful combination of sweet potato vines and geraniums, with a few extra things tucked in here and there. With Miracle Grow and a lot of water, it always turns into a gorgeous, healthy display by the fourth of July.

This year, with a shadier backyard and the discovery of a quaint country drive that leads to the most impressive nursery in the world, my wine barrel posed a challenge. I wasn’t sure what I’d plant there, especially with a yard vacant of a deck or patio. I spent little time thinking about it really, but when my eyes landed on the endless greenhouses of the nursery, I felt inspired.

I bought everything I liked; the most unique and me-pleasing flowers I could find. As I filled my little flat bed, my mind saw the end result take shape. It was going to be the best flower bucket of all! When I reached the cashier, I let her appeal to my weak side for a fleeting moment when she said, “Hmmm. Looks like we have a little bit of everything here, huh...?” For a second, I doubted my selections, but quickly swayed back to the vision in my mind.

Once those plants found their new home, I must admit, it wasn’t initially impressive. More than one person asked, “Whatcha got going on in there, Molly?” I just kept saying, “I’ve got a serious vision for the future and that’s what I’m banking on.” Some people even snickered and said, “Well that’s good!” Once those roots hit the dirt I was invested and concerned with their health and happiness so the negative comments mattered no more. I'm the kind of person that feels bad for the grass we covered up with rocks to make our deck, so to me, I guess every living thing deserves a chance to reach its full potential. I figured a little extra care and some trusty fertilizer would still bring about a beautiful end result.

Last night I was watering my bucket and was all of a sudden taken back. I’ve been getting some comments on it lately; from people who think it’s gorgeous, but I guess I haven’t really stood back to see it. It is nothing shy of fabulous. It has surpassed my wildest dreams of what it may someday be and bloomed into something awesome. All the odd combinations of flowers and greens have bonded, and work together spectacularly.

With scary things in the realm of possibility with the downturn in the housing market and skyrocketing gas prices, as well as what still feels like a summer slump in the writing world, I found my bucket immediately inspiring. It was a reminder of all that I know to be true, all that I want my kids to feel in their hearts as they grow into the world on their own. Anything is possible. All you need is the vision. If you believe in what may be, no matter what people say or life brings, your dreams can still come true.

So I begin my day with renewed vision and courage to wait it out. I can just feel those clients knocking down Mike’s door and see my first mainstream magazine article in print. Although I don’t know when it might happen, “I’ve got a serious vision for the future and that’s what I’m banking on!”

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mary said...

Life is all about old wine barrels and beautiful flowers. It's all in your vision of possibilities and - everything is so much more fun when you cultivate what is and dare to dream of what could be - instead of fretting over what might be in your immediate sight.

Thanks for the re-focus. Every once in a while, I need a reminder that my vision is a bit "blurred".

Enjoy the flowers - they are BEAUTIFUL!