Monday, July 28, 2008

Lake Gaston 2008

In a nutshell, this year’s trip to Lake Gaston in North Carolina was a huge success. Logan and Riley water-skied; Logan every single day. All three of them tubed, drove the jet-ski and boat like professionals, searched out new and exciting bugs with their insect field guide, collected rocks and seashells, consumed unfathomable amounts of ice cream and swam until their beautiful peach-colored skin was so prune-y that we thought it would never bounce back.

Finn was an adventurer, not remembering a thing of the two years he’d already vacationed at this glorious place called Serenity. He spent hours in his life jacket and tolerated it all very well, including the full speed face plant down the gravel road when we arrived and the black eye he received the next day. (He was looking good!) He loved the boat and the giant carp and catfish we fed each day. Riley made sure that the fish farthest away always got their fair share and Logan, ever the negotiator, made sure that our kids held snow cones during fish feeding times. The girls were finally given the go ahead to sleep on the top bunks, which they did proudly and uneventfully. Next year, I suppose the three of them will bunk together. All three have a new love for Dr. Pepper, shrimp, spicy pimento cheese and after six years now, what has become an old love for this secluded, magical spot we find ourselves reveling in for a week each summer.

With all the gratitude in the world we send our “thank you’s” to Granddad and Grandmom for making it all possible! We love you! Hope you all enjoy some of our favorite pictures.

PS: I must mention that Finn will never be allowed to fly again. Well… definitely not until next summer.

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mary said...

What a great memory to hold and build on year after year.

Love the photos! I am able to recognize the special "spots" now and it's fun to notice how Logan, Riley and Finn have changed from the previous years pictures.

These awesome times will certainly ignite "remember back when" stories year after year after year.

Your recap was definitely a fun start to my week!