Saturday, March 24, 2012

playing hookie

After 18 years, I finally talked Mike into a day off for no good reason!  We hit the city on Friday, the kids' last day of Spring Break.  After a few awesome hours at the Adler Planetarium and bumming around the beach for awhile, we had to try out Big and Little's, a killer dive from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network.  What a thrill it was to eat where Guy, one of our favorite celebs, visited!
This family of foodies even felt adventurous enough to try the foie gras and fries!  (Well, everyone but Finn, that is!)  I love trying something new, and I love it even more that our kids do, too.  Will I eat foie gras again?  Um, no.  I think it's safe to say that it was too much for this vegetarian-ish girl, even though as a food lover I felt compelled to try it.  But will we return to Big and Littles?  Absolutely!  The fish and chips was the best I've had and generous enough for Logan and me to share.  (And anyone who has eaten with me knows, I don't like to share!)  Mike had a sausage sandwich smothered in blue cheese - OMG.  And Riley and Finn devoured "the biggest and best burgers they've ever had!"

We shot over to Sprinkles Cupcakes to try the award-winner, but the city would not allow us to park and the line out the door was a bit of a deterrent.  Driving around the block for awhile, while I waited in the chilly air, near Michigan, right before rush hour, wasn't so appealing.  So we headed to our old fav, Molly's Cupcakes.  As usual, my namesake did not disappoint and we stuffed our faces with the most ultimate indulgences on the way home.  The winner?  A peach cobbler cupcake that blew our minds.  It's quite possible that it might be the best thing that I've ever eaten.  I'm serious.

Needless to say, a van full of very stuffed Anderson's headed west, chatting all the way about what we'd do with $640 million of Mega Millions winnings, should we be so lucky in the drawing at night. Man can we dream big!

Nothing better than a day like this with my most favorite people in the world!

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