Saturday, November 19, 2011

so it's true

I must be 40.  I mean, the other day I stopped in HomeGoods to look for a mirror for above our piano.  I quickly learned that what I want is sitting in an antique shop somewhere, not in a retail store.  Nevertheless, I looked around the rest of the place, hoping to find some clearance-priced diamond in the rough.  I did.

For $9.99 I got the absolute-coolest collapsible step stool to slide into my pantry.  For pretty much 40 years this vertically challenged gal has hunted around the kitchen dragging chairs or bar stools to the cabinet she couldn't reach, but those days are (finally) over.  There will be no more begrudged trips to the laundry room to drag out the loathed heavy and broken metal one.  Nope, this little lightweight durable cutie is all I'll ever need.

So now the reason I associate this delectable find to my age.  Years ago, I wouldn't have looked twice at this stool, would have never been bothered enough by my daily inconveniences to search out a solution.  But times have changed and this insignificant purchase leaves me feeling as if I've won a little bit of the lottery. 

I think 40 makes it easier to find the good in every day!

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