Monday, November 1, 2010

finn's feet bestow some wisdom

I had a few uninterrupted moments with Finn today, likely because I have such a ridiculous Halloween hangover (not alcohol-induced - Halloween activity-induced. I'm exhausted!) When I picked him up from school, all I wanted to do was lie down on the floor and hang out with him.

We did airplanes and lots of tickling and then I did this silly thing I used to do when they were really little: I sniffed his still baby-feet and put up a huge fuss like they were the stinkiest things on earth. In between his belly laughs and gasps for air, he said, "Remember that Mom? Remember when we used to do that?"

"I do, " I thought as I marveled as his near-adult like observation. "And the time I make for these moments is much too little." There is nothing like the uncontrollable laughter of your child from a good tickle. You know that at that moment, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that they are full to the brim with joy. All because of you.

What am I doing depriving myself of that?

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Grammy said...

All that's missing is a photo of those "sweet feet"... the sweet lesson of your experience was worth your writing this blog. Thanks - I will try to remember to smell the roses (or baby feet).