Monday, January 18, 2010

Celebrate EIGHT!

How did this happen? It seems like just yesterday that someone placed this sweet, five-pound baby in my arms. With a smooshed up face and an early arrival, she came, bringing a whole world of wondeful to what had been a difficult 36 weeks. She was promise that things would be more than okay. She delivered motherhood to me on a silver platter with coo's and grunts and cries in the middle of the night. She whispered all the secrets of parenthood to my ears in the twilight hours; uncovered instincts I never knew I had and instilled and a magnetic pull to her so strong that I knew made her my priority for the rest of my life. All these enormous feelings were revealed by the smallest of people, when our eyes first met.
Now she is eight years old! The "baby" in her look is all but gone, replaced by broader shoulders and a slight maturing of the shape of her face. She has her own interests and is her own self, no longer completely molded by her Dad and I, the activities we choose or the pals we place in her life. She is Logan Olivia Anderson, eight years old.

Logan is as smart as whip, devours books so quickly that I can't keep our already vast library stocked for her. She's considered Academically Talented at school, has perfect grades and loves to write. She thrives in art class and can sit for hours creating out of things one might toss in the trash. Logan loves music and has a beautiful singing voice which she proudly displays with a local choir group. She's is blessed with amazingly talented teachers that are training her both vocally and musically. She's a Brownie and she loves that, too.
She's a friend to all with a sweet disposition and empathy for those in need. She cries, at some point, in nearly every movie she watches and is incredibly sensitive and insightful. She is a caring and loving big sister to Riley and Finn and they adore her.

Plain and simple, this eight year old girl of ours is fabulous. What lucky parents we are!
Okay, enough of my love fest. Here are some pics from her celebrations...

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mary said...

There she is eight years later - beautiful in everyway. Working out the kinks of growning-up with such sweetness - that loving her is so easy. As Logan's Grammy I have been pre occupied for the last 8 months of her life and I have missed making "our memories - being around enough". The joy of being with her has never alluted me though - always filled me to the brim. So my plan is to capture time for us again - because, in the wink of an eye, another eight years will pass.

Prouder today then on the day she was born? Yes! (How is that possible?)

I will always love you Logan... past the sky, the moon and stars. Grammy