Monday, March 23, 2009

Fat Chance!

We recently switched Riley from one gymnastics program to the other and the results have been amazing. We always had this feeling that it just might be her thing, but we never thought we’d see the kind of blindingly fast results that we’ve seen in the last eight weeks. The girl never ever stops doing gymnastics. It’s as if she lacks the ability to sit still anymore, filling every solitary moment perfecting her moves. Her talent and skills are way beyond anything I ever mastered and it is pretty cool to watch. But as cool as it is, we do eventually tire of straining to see the Barefoot Contessa through Riley’s cart wheeling legs. When I saw a professional gym mat belonging to one of her coaches for sale today, I had to pick it up. I then set it up in the living room, far away from the TV, with hopes of catching a great new recipe while they entertained themselves.

It actually worked. For nearly thirty minutes, it was loud, but they were happy. Just as Ina added the finishing touches to her risotto, the noise from the other room escalated and Riley showed up with a bloody nose. Two minutes later, Finn’s stitched ear was bleeding. Time out.

We switched gears by getting the Easter d├ęcor out of the basement. That took a total of five minutes and my spring breakers were bored again. (Yes, it is going to be a long week – what I wouldn’t give for a condo on the beach in Florida!) Unfortunately, their thoughts turned inquisitive and my daily reward was delivered.

“Mommy, why is your stomach so big?” asked Riley.

“What?” I choked.

“Well, she doesn’t want to say the word, but she wants to know why you’re fat,” Logan translated.

“I’m not saying that!” said Riley.

“Yes, she is mom. She just doesn’t want to say it,” said Logan.

“Mommy, you got a baby in your tummy?” added Finn.

“I wish you would have another baby!” said Riley.

“Yeah!” squealed both Logan and Finn.

“Fat chance,” I thought as I looked at them. “Fat Chance!”


n8 said...

I guess our children think highly of us...I have droopy boobs ( according to Campbell! Love ya...Tiffany

mary said...

Ah, children! Is it their innocence - excusing their insensitivity? or is it their honesty? or is it just another question?

I clearly remember when Riley asked, "Grammy why are some of your teeth yellow." She now tracks my whitening progress.