Friday, August 8, 2008

"Up You Mommy!"

Before this little tidbit of toddler hilarity disappears into his preschool years, I felt the need to get it on record. A month or so ago, Finn began saying, “Up You Mommy! Up You Mommy!” every time he wanted to be picked up. Following a typical course of action taken by my children, once Finn sensed the words and the needs succeeded in getting my dander up; he proceeded to do it non-stop.

Now, as the short hand of the clock nears the dreaded number 5, I can’t help but yell back, “No – Up You Finn!” I hate to admit it, but I actually get some pleasure out of letting that vulgarity rip. Usually though, just that one shameful mother-of-the-year comment zaps me back to reality and gets me chuckling at how funny our 5 PM experience really is. Can you imagine if someone was listening in? My MOY award would be replaced with a DCFS citation!

The bottom line is, just like Finn’s perfect little “Yessss!”, “Up You Mommy!” will soon be replaced with another adorable Finnism, only to live on in the corners of my mind and now this journal of our days together. So what if it sounds like he’s cussing me out; he still wants me to hold him tight.

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mary said...

I loved this one and needed it on a late Friday afternoon at work with all the craziness of my day culminating and then this... your entry to make me chuckle out loud and envision the moment. Yes, the corners of your mind and the pages of this wonderful journal will make Logan, Riley, Finn and whoever reads it smile and feel the awesome life of the Anderson Family.